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Why Height Matters

When it comes to your lawn, height does matter.

Top Mowing tips 

  • Mow at the right height for your grass type
  • Don’t mow too short
  • Mow regularly
  • Keep your mower blades sharp
  • Reduce mowing height gradually

The height you set your lawn mower is extremely important in maintaining the overall health of your lawn.

New Lawns

When your lawn is young and still establishing it is important to mow your lawn on a higher setting to reduce stress and help the lawn establish quicker.

Seasonal Mowing Advice

During colder months, it is best to keep your lawn a bit longer. This will help our lawn retain colour and helps to block out weeds.

During warmer months where your lawn is actively growing, you can drop the height of your mower a bit.

The One Third Rule

Known widely as the one third rule, lawn grasses should only be brought down each mowing – as the name suggests – by one third of the leaf height at any one time, in order to maintain peak condition.

Turf Type mowing heights

– Soft Leaf Buffalo                  30 – 50mm

– Kikuyu                                   30 – 50mm

– Zoysia                                   10 – 50mm

– Couch                                    10 – 30mm

– Fescue                                  40 – 50mm


These mowing heights are a guide only, so we recommend you do a test patch to find the best mowing height for your lawn first.

#Mowing trick 


The reason stripes appear as they do, is as simple as the way the light reflects off the grass-blade. Blades bent towards you look dark, and blades bent the opposite way from you will appear lighter. All this means is you have to bend the grass blades opposing ways to create the stripe effect. If you don’t have a cylinder mower which has an in-built roller, after mowing with your rotary mower, you can use a roller to push the blades down by rolling in opposite directions. Whilst you may not get the look completely like they do on sporting grounds, you can get a similar effect that will still look great.

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