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Backyard Gardening Tools for Winter

You have run out of excuses not to do that backyard makeover you have been putting off, but understandably you are dreading the work involved. The threat of cold weather is also in the back of your mind, but some things are best attended to before they get out of hand.

Here are a few innovative gardening tools to lighten the load:

Battery Powered Blower

Autumn means leaves, combine this with wind and the build-up of sticks and other debris your lawn and gardens can slowly become smothered. But a quick and easy way to tidy up is to use a battery powered blower.

Battery blowers have come a long way in recent years and models like this Husqvarna are quieter and still have plenty of power to get the job done quickly and easily.

Fiskars Xact Weed Puller

It is important to not let the weeds infiltrate your lawn while it has slowed in growth and this Fiskars Xact Weed Puller is a great way to remove weeds easily and it also makes it kind of fun as well.

You don’t need to bend down; you simply use the four deep-reaching stainless-steel claws to dig down into the soil where it grabs the roots from all directions and removes the entire weed cleanly.

weed puller

Battery Powered Hedgers and Trimmers

The trees and shrubs are getting shaggy which not only looks a mess but the extra shade to your lawn is not ideal either. A handheld battery trimmer like this one makes light work of giving them a trim and you can use the blower to help clean up afterwards.

hedge trimmer gardening tool

Battery Powered Chainsaw

If you have bigger trees to trim, then there’s battery powered chainsaws as well, good for trimming branches and for cutting up firewood as well.

It is important you provide as much sunlight as you can to your lawn, this will allow better photosynthesis and help to limit excessive amounts of moisture sitting within the profile where disease issues can develop.

Husqvarna Automower

This last one will keep the lawn mowed and you won’t even have to go outside to use it. A robotic lawn mower like this Husqvarna Automower will keep the lawn neat with a sharp cutting action, but also go over the lawn regularly enough that it will help to breakdown most debris that lands on the lawn as well. Automowers are comparable in price to a ride on mower or cylinder mower in most cases and are easy to install. If you hate the cold, you can simply keep warm inside while it does the job for you.

husqvarna auto mower

With the use of these  gardening tools you can keep your lawn tidy through winter and if all goes to plan, be ready to entertain again in spring.

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