Alien space invaders in the form of weeds are lining up to attack!

Alien space invaders in the form of weeds are lining up to attack!

Who doesn’t want a piece of your lawn party? Alien space invaders in the form of weeds do too, but you can catch them out before they poke their heads up with a pre-emergent herbicide.

A pre-emergent herbicide targets weed seeds before they take hold by forming a barrier at soil level that affects the germination of any new seedlings.

OxaFert is in granular form, and when applied forms a film at the base of the turf. This film kills new weed seed germinations, leaving your lawn free of crow’s foot, summer grass, winter grass, creeping oxalis, and others.

When do you apply it?

Apply OxaFert year round to control the abovementioned weeds. If you are looking to target a certain weed, look at when that seedling normally germinates and apply OxaFert a few weeks prior. For example, if you wanted to control winter grass in your lawn, you’d apply OxaFert from March onward, as soil temperatures begin to decrease and winter grass seedlings then begin to germinate.

How often do you apply it?

Again, this depends on what you want to control. If you want year-round control, apply OxaFert every eight to 10 weeks to keep your lawn weed free. If you are just controlling a certain weed, use OxaFert every eight weeks until the conditions no longer suit the germination of that weed.

How long does it last?

OxaFert controls the emergence of weeds for up to 12 weeks, however it is recommended to reapply every eight to 10 weeks.

Your lawn still needs a feed

While OxaFert has a fertiliser component, you should still fertilise your lawn with a regular NPK fertiliser during the transition seasons.

Note well

Applying a pre-emergent herbicide is a lawn care practice that takes time to get used to as there is no visible result from applying it to already weedy lawns. It only prevents new weeds from forming. If you’ve got a lawn full of weeds, then get them under control first and then apply a pre-emergent regularly to keep them under control.

Keeping your lawn in good condition through regular maintenance and fertilisation helps keep weeds at bay and is a better option than controlling weeds by spraying all the time.

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