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6 Common Weeds and When to Act!

Weeds. There are so many different types that love to rear their ugly heads. Luckily there are plenty of easy ways to remove them from your lawn and to keep them from coming back.

The following 6 weeds are all active at this time of year, so it is important that if you spot any of them in your lawn you take action now.



Cudweed is an annual weed that forms in rosettes. The leaves are light green on top and have a white furry underside.


White Clover

white clover

White clover is a creeping perennial weed, green with elliptical leaves and white pom pom like flowers.


Common Daisy

common daisy

Daisies are easily identified by their flower with white petals and a yellow centre. They have green leaves that form clusters of rosettes in the grass.




Fleabane grows tall with a tough hairy stem and long rosettes of leaves all the way up it.




Summergrass is a warm season annual weed with seed heads that appear into Autumn. Green leaves with light purple towards the stem base.


  • Amgrow Paspalum, Nutgrass and Clover Weed Killer¬†(spot use only on buffalo and kikuyu)

Plantain (Lambs Tongue)


Plantain has thin veins on the leaves that form in rosettes and slender flowering stems with dense brown seed heads.


The best way to stay on top of weeds, is to select a healthy weed resistant turf variety like Sir Walter DNA Certified, and to maintain regular lawn care activities removing weeds by hand where you can.

Incorporating pre-emergent products like Oxafert into your lawn care, will help to kill annual weeds before they even appear. You can buy ready to use Weed Control broad leaf herbicide, Bin-Die Selective Lawn Weeder Concentrate and Oxafert here on the Lawn Store. Remember to always stick to the directions on the product label.

Check out the Lawn Solutions Australia lawn care page for more helpful advice here.


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