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Getting those stripes in your lawn

It is the dream of many Aussie-lawn-owners to have their grass looking like the ‘MCG’. The stripes and variation in colour really do stand out and look great; something many lawn-lovers aspire to achieve in their own yard.

Luckily for you, it’s not just the curators of our biggest sporting oval who can create the beautiful striped-look on a lawn; you can give it a go too. Although it looks like there’s a lot of work involved, creating that striped-appearance is relatively easy to achieve. The number-one thing you must have before you start, is a healthy, thick lawn as the stripes won’t look near as good on a patchy or discoloured lawn. Please check out our other posts on how to improve the overall health and look of your lawn if it’s struggling with its condition before looking to get those stripes appearing. A common misconception is that you need a cylinder mower to have get the stripe-look that you desire. Whilst a cylinder mower definitely helps and makes it easier to get the manicured-look, it is not necessary and can be done with your average rotary mower.

The reason stripes appear as they do, is as simple as the way the light reflects off the grass-blade. Blades bent towards you look dark, and blades bent the opposite way from you will appear lighter. All this means is you have to bend the grass blades opposing ways to create the stripe effect. The professional jobs you see done on the likes of the MCG, Golf Courses and many other sporting grounds are done with highly-specialised mowing equipment with inbuilt rollers that bend the grass blades when mowing. Whilst you may not get the look completely like they do with your rotary mower, you can still get a similar effect that will still look great. The way to do this, is to mow your lawn in the direction you would like the stripes to face. For instance, if you want them running parallel to the curb, mow your lawn in this same pattern. Now it’s time to bend those grass blades to create the effect. This is best done by using a roller to push the blades down. Rollers can be purchased or rented from your local hardware store and water-filled ones are the best as they are easy to move around when empty.

Remember, you have to roll the lawn in the same pattern which you mowed the grass to get the desired effect – and try to keep nice and straight! To make your stripes stand out even more, go over the area with the roller several times to push the grass right down. As stated before, for the best look you will need to have access to a cylinder mower or have a specialist roller built in to your mower, as these are what the professionals use and will make the lines stick out just that little bit better. Keep in mind the stripes will disappear as the grass grows, so they will only last a couple of days during the growing season. It’s best to mow and roll the day before you want them to look their best, whether that be for a birthday, Christmas day or for the family Test Match in your own backyard! You really can create a fantastic look to your lawn by mowing and rolling-in some stripes. Lawn maintenance over summer can be simple with the right gear and grass types, so check out the Lawn Solutions Australia network of member growers and resellers and contact your local site for the best information for your location.

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