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Why ‘painting’ your lawn isn’t such a crazy idea

Applying ColourGuard Plus in winter

You may have noticed some discolouration in your lawn occurring with the onset of some cooler weather. This will likely continue throughout winter as your lawn goes into some level of dormancy depending on your location.

You might laugh at first at the idea of painting your lawn green and to be honest it does sound like a strange thing to do. Don’t go out and find some green paint and start coating your grass… that’s a very unhealthy thing to do to your lawn and the environment. But the fundamental idea of painting your lawn, actually isn’t that far off the mark.

Golf courses do it, sports fields also do it, turf farms even do it. I’m talking about applying ColourGuard Plus. Now this is not a paint. It’s an organically derived pigment and fertiliser and it can make a world of difference to the appearance of your lawn over winter.


The significant difference is that ColourGuard Plus does not coat the leaf of the grass like a paint. It is actually absorbed into the leaf. This allows a much more natural appearance and does not disrupt the function of the plant.

Warm season grasses are a more common and environmentally responsible lawn variety for Australian conditions. But warm season varieties, though great in summer using less water, can lose some colour in winter. ColourGuard Plus is a solution which will allow you to have a green lawn all year-round while being environmentally responsible at the same time.

Because ColourGuard Plus is absorbed into the leaf of the grass, it can keep it green even when it has slowed in growth and when it’s no longer producing chlorophyll. It can also eliminate the need for iron treatments or the need for over sowing with cool season seed varieties as well. The best time to apply ColourGuard Plus is once your lawn has slowed in growth, when it is still healthy.

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How to apply ColourGuard Plus to your lawn

Spray ColourGuard Plus onto your lawn when it is dry and there is no rain forecast. Work your way across the lawn from one side to the other. If you happen to get some on your concrete, driveway or any other surfaces be sure to rinse it off straight away to avoid any staining. ColourGuard Plus also contains a liquid fertiliser component providing a small boost to the health of your lawn, so it’s not just a cosmetic fix it has a nutritional benefit as well.

ColourGuard Plus also acts as a blanket for your grass allowing it to retain an internal leaf temperature 2 degrees higher than untreated areas, which can limit the impact of frost.

You can apply ColourGuard Plus when your lawn is actively growing, but the product will grow out with the leaf, like dyed hair… but much quicker. If it is still actively growing, it can still be useful if you have an event on or are after a quick spruce up for photos where it only needs to improve the colour for a specific date or time period. If you apply ColourGuard Plus once it’s slowed in growth though, you can get the benefit of a green leaf for up to 12 weeks.

Once the lawn has absorbed and the ColourGuard Plus is dry, usually within 24hrs, you can hose off the lawn to remove any residue that may still be present. This will help to ensure you avoid any unnecessary transference.

ColourGuard Plus is safe to use around pets and kids but wait until the product has absorbed and dried first before letting them back out on the lawn… this will save you from ending up with a green dog!

ColourGuard Plus is available in both ready to use and concentrates, so you can simply clip it onto your hose to apply or mix with water as required with a knapsack or commercial spraying system.

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Benefits of using ColourGuard Plus

  • Restores the natural green colour of your lawn instantly!
  • Stays green for up to 3 months per application
  • 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Won’t wash off, run or stain
  • Complexly safe for the environment, pets, and people
  • Can be used year-round

How long does ColourGuard Plus last?

Once applied, it can remain on the lawn for up to 3 months during winter. It is a permanent colourant, so it will disappear when the grass leaf grows and is mown off.

What happens when it rains?

Once the product has dried, its pigment is locked in. It won’t bleed, run, or stain when it rains, perfect to use all year round, in all climates.

Can I mow with ColourGuard Plus?

Once the product has dried you can mow your lawn. However, when mowing be sure not to set the mower too low and scalp the lawn.

We recommend mowing your lawn first, then apply ColourGuard Plus to help extend the period that the pigment will last on the lawn.

Commercial Availability

For those with larger areas, ColourGuard Plus is also available in larger concentrates to cover bigger areas.

Where can I buy ColourGuard Plus?

If your lawn is looking a bit sad through winter and you want to give your lawn a mini facelift until spring, ColourGuard Plus is a great solution.

Check out the Lawn Solutions Website to buy online or for contact details for local suppliers here.

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