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How to Apply ColourGuard Plus

ColourGuard Plus is a fantastic lawn pigment that can instantly improve your lawn’s colour. ColourGuard is especially great to use in winter when lawns can naturally lose some colour. In this blog, we go into detail of how to apply both the ready-to-use and concentrate ColourGuard Plus.

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What sizes does ColourGuard Plus come in?

ColourGuard Plus comes in a variety of sizes to suit both home and commercial applications.

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How to apply ColourGuard Plus hose on?

1.Shake bottle well

How to apply colourguard

2. Remove cap and screw on hose on attachment

colourguard hose on

3. Attach hose to connector

4. Turn on hose

5. Remove green tab

colourguard attachment

6. Pull black tab up to allow product to spray

applying colourguard

colourguard hose on

7. Once finished, push black tab back down to stop water flow and plug in green tab

8. Turn off hose

How to apply ColourGuard Plus concentrate?

1. Shake bottle well

colourguard concentrate

2. Measure out how many m2 you are wanting to cover

3. Use the application rate table to determine your application rate

colourguard guard application rate

3. Measure how much ColourGuard Plus will be needed

CGP concentrate

4.Fill your tank with water first, then add the recommended amount of pigment

colourguard application

5. Give your tank a quick mix to ensure the concentrate has diluted throughout the tank

6. Spray your mix to the area

spraying colourguard

7. Once finished, give your sprayer and nozzle a rinse with clean water

If you want to increase the intensity of the pigment, you can add more ColourGuard Plus to your sprayer.

Colour Guard Plus Product Brochure

Common questions about applying ColourGuard Plus

  • Is ColourGuard Plus safe to use on all lawn types? Yes, ColourGuard is safe to use on all lawn types!
  • Is ColourGuard Plus safe to use around pets? Yes, it is safe to use around pets. However, we recommend keeping pets off the lawn for a few hours to ensure the pigment has properly dried and absorbed into the leaf. After the pigment has been absorbed, we also recommend watering the lawn to wash off any excess product the grass hasn’t absorbed.
  • Can ColourGuard Plus be used year-round? Yes, it can be applied at any time throughout the year.
  • How long will the pigment last on the lawn for? Once applied, the pigment is locked into the leaf. Therefore, the pigment will be removed with the leaf when the lawn is mown.
  • What can I do if I apply the ColourGuard to another surface? If you apply the pigment to another surface, it is best to wash it off immediately with water to avoid staining.
  • Will ColourGuard Plus work on dead grass? As this product needs to be absorbed into the leaf of the grass, it will work best on a lawn that is healthy. If applied to a dead lawn, the grass won’t be able to absorb the pigment. It may still give it a slight green up; however, it won’t work as effectively when applied to healthy grass.


Use a general purpose window or floor cleaner. If concrete or brick, use a hydrochloric acid based cleaner – Be sure to follow label rates and instructions to avoid damaging grout or concrete when using these products.

If you have a stain on tiles, this can be treated with lemon juice.

Due to the porous nature of some hard surfaces, some stains may not be removable, but will hopefully fade with time.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If contact occurs, flush with water and consult a doctor. May be harmful if swallowed. If accidental ingestion occurs consult a doctor.

See Material Safety Data Sheet below and additional information at or please call 1300 883 711. Lawn Solutions Australia is not responsible for any misuse of this product.

Product Brochure PDF

Product Label       Safety Data Sheet

If you would like to know more information on applying ColourGuard Plus or any of our other lawn care products, please reach out.

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