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Cudweed – Scientific name: Gnaphalium spp.

One of those awful weeds that repeatedly rears its ugly head is Cudweed. Cudweed is a winter annual weed that forms in rosettes. The leaves are a glossy light green on top and have a white furry underside.

  • Flat, shiny, mid-green leaves with a rosette shape
  • Various small flowers on stems
  • Fibrous roots
  • Difficult to kill due to glossy leaves
  • Varying flower habit, though most flower from mid spring to early summer, or in autumn. Flowers can be brown, pink or purple.

Cudweed is very tough to control because of how quickly it spreads over lawns, basically leaving no empty spots behind to colonize. If you have had cudweed in your lawn before, you will know exactly what we mean. As difficult as cudweed may seem though, it is manageable.


It’s best to remove them by hand or with a selective herbicide such as Weed Control. You may require two or more applications. The glossiness of the leaves actually helps in its resistance to herbicides and makes it very difficult to control. You can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or another surfactant to the herbicide mix, this will help it to stick to the leaves.

 Selective Herbicide options:

It is always easier to control weeds from the outset rather than to try to remove them once they get out of hand. By choosing a suitable lawn species for your area, keeping it healthy and well maintained and at the right mowing height for your chosen variety, you’ll have a leg up on any potential weed invasions.

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