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5 Fun Lawn Gadgets

There is a plethora of products out there to help you enjoy your lawn. Some activities just need that extra innovation in order to make them even more enjoyable.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your lawns. Here’s 5 fun lawn gadgets that will have you spending a lot more time on the grass!


Wine holder spike and cheese board

Grass is a great surface but isn’t usually the flattest and safest for placing glasses or bottles on. But this handy little contraption can be easily spiked into the ground providing you a perfect holder for your glasses and wine. Plus, the added benefit of a platform for holding the corkscrew or even a cheese platter!

Automatic beer dispenser

Not to be outdone, beer lovers have got a similar piece of convenient equipment, the automatic beer dispenser! Keep your canned drinks close by and easily accessible, but also neatly hidden away beneath the lawns surface! Just remember to refill it, ready for next time!

Lawn Projector

There’s nothing better than a movie (or Netflix) under the stars. There is a broad range of projector screens available, some inflatable, that easily allow you to setup your own outdoor cinema on the lawn. Better yet, invite some friends over to watch the footy on the big screen!

Red Octopus Inflatable Sprinkler

Here’s a fun way to water the lawn and entertain the kids! This octopus sprinkler squirts water out in different directions providing good fun for the whole family. So as to not waste water though, make sure you are watering the lawn at the same time and move your octopus around.

Automatic Ball Launcher

Now don’t forget about your furry friends! They too need a way to enjoy the lawn, especially while you are away at work. This automatic ball launcher will keep them entertained all day, or at least until they tire themselves out.

Backyard Tennis


An old oldie but a goodie, the old game of backyard tennis. The spike will hopefully easily puncture the ground, doing little damage to your lawn and provide a great way to get on the grass for some active rivalry.


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