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TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Receives the Smart Approved WaterMark Australia Wide


The Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) by the Water Conservancy is the first water efficiency accreditation scheme in the world to recognise drought-tolerant turf.

The Smart Approved Watermark was established by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA), Irrigation Australia, The Nursery and Garden Industry Association and the Australian Water Association, to provide an identifiable label for consumers so that they can make informed choices when choosing products, services and organisations that use water efficiently, reducing per capita water consumption and helping in the end goal of preserving such a precious resource.

In 2017, Lawn Solutions Australia applied for TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda to the Water Conservancy for Smart WaterMark Approval. TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda has led the way with independent testing through the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) with significant trial data provided in its application demonstrating its superior drought tolerance characteristics. As a result, TifTuf was awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark, but with an exemption for Western Australia and the Northern Territory with data yet to be finalised for performance in these states and territories at the time.

Additional testing data was submitted to SAWM on the 23rd of February 2024 and was presented to the SAWM Expert Panel for deliberation.

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Grass has now been approved by Smart Watermark’s Independent Expert Panel Nationally within Australia. The restriction has been lifted in Western Australia as well as in the Northern Territory from further testing results received.



TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is the first and only turf grass to receive this for drought tolerance in Australia or anywhere in the world.

About Smart Approved WaterMark

Smart Approved WaterMark (SAWM) is the one-stop shop for water efficiency in Australia. Through its Smart Water Advice program, SAWM delivers a range of educational, interactive water-saving resources for councils and water utilities to take to communities about saving water around the home, garden, and business. SAWM certifies water-efficient products and services in Australia. With Smart Water Solutions, SAWM helps businesses reduce their water use and save money by delivering water audits and recommendations. SAWM has also published the ‘Water Efficient Australia’ 2019 report and ‘Water Efficiency 2017’ in partnership with Water Services Association Australia (WSAA). Smart Approved WaterMark works towards a blue future that celebrates the many amazing qualities of water, its strength, and its vulnerability.

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