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TifTuf – The Hybrid Bermuda Grass, forged by the best turf grass scientists

Did You Know: The world’s leading turf scientists chose to breed TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda (Couch grass) over 30,000 other turf varieties!

  • Has had almost 25 years of research conducted on it by the world’s leading turf grass scientists
  • Superior drought tolerance requiring on average 38% less water than other varieties
  • Fantastic winter colour and spring green up qualities
  • Shade tolerant, self-repairing and more disease resistant than other Bermudas

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda (couch turf) is the product of almost 25 years of research and development from one of the world’s leading turf grass breeders, the University of Georgia. TifTuf was selected out of almost 30,000 different Bermuda varieties, showing superior qualities in drought tolerance, shade tolerance, wear tolerance and winter colour whilst at the same time maintaining excellent turf quality. TifTuf will be a sustainable option for environmentally friendly lawns, sports fields and golf courses as it uses significantly less water than other grasses. As TifTuf was selected from a large gene-pool based on these traits, maintaining the genetic purity is crucial. To ensure this, the University of Georgia has bred all of its foundation material (thousands of acres) from a single plant!

Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) have an extensive R&D program that includes partnerships with some of the world’s leading turf grass research facilities, including the University of Georgia. Through this partnership, LSA has been able to bring TifTuf to Australia, where it is fast becoming the most highly sought-after variety on the market with TifTuf being the most searched turf variety on Turf Finder In 2017.

TifTuf Hybrid Couch Grass has a very fine leaf blade with dense growth, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Its density enables it to handle high wear situations like backyards and sports fields whilst its fine blade ensures shade tolerance and a very soft leaf to walk on.

  • TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda® meets the Erosion Control Australian Standard No# AS5181: 2017 –
    User and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure.

Available exclusively from Lawn Solutions Australia members, find your closest TifTuf turf suppliers here.

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