Melbourne's Eureka Moment - Lawn Solutions Australia

Melbourne’s Eureka Moment

Lawn Solutions Australia’s Eureka Kikuyu in the spotlight

Transforming what was a disappointing outcome into a finish that was fitting of the MPavillion project in Melbourne the poor-quality, substituted turf grass was replaced by the originally spec’d Lawn Solutions Australia’s Eureka Kikuyu. Just what sets Lawn Solutions Australia apart was on show in Melbourne recently when a mix-up in turf-type was rectified with dramatic results for a Docklands Precinct project. Amanda Levete Architects‘ 2015 MPavilion in Melbourne has been in the construction phase of relocation from the Queen Victoria Gardens to its permanent home in Melbourne’s Docklands Park, in a new section of parkland designed by Melbourne Landscape Architecture firm MALA. Speaking on the project, MALA director Campbell Morris said how well the move came together, however he explained how he was very disappointed with the quality of what he thought was Eureka Kikuyu turf supplied to finish the job. Following a phone call of complaint to the Lawn Solutions Australia Office, Mr Morris said that it was quickly realised that the turfgrass-type that he had originally specified for the project had been substituted – without his knowledge – with a poor-appearance, inferior grass-type. What was supplied to the project as Eureka Kikuyu lawn was actually a common-type of Kikuyu grass that didn’t offer the same appeal and benefits of Lawn Solutions Australia’s Eureka Kikuyu – as originally specified by MALA for the relocation project. With time-constraints pressing like most jobs of this nature, continued wet-weather and only a couple of weeks to the official opening, the decision was still made to try and replace the inferior turf with what was spec’d in from the start.

Exemplifying just what Lawn Solutions Australia can offer with their strict adherence to turf-quality, service and on-ground performance, local Lawn Solutions Australia grower Lilydale Instant Lawn offered their assistance. Standing strongly behind its claims of quality and professionalism, Lawn Solutions Australia goes out of its way to ensure the utmost in customer and end-user satisfaction. This was one of those occasions where Lawn Solutions Australia’s reputation was on the line; in the face of a mix-up that could have also potentially damaged their Eureka Kikuyu brand for their 43 Lawn Solutions Australia member-turfgrowers Australia-wide. With the prompt response and determination to protect their name, the repairs to the project demonstrated how their turf-types, professionalism and adherence to AusGAP’s Turf Certification Program all come together to work just right on sites like this.

Following the removal of the condemned-turf, Lilydale went about assisting with the ground preparation and the installation of the nearly 600 square metres of freshly supplied AusGAP Certified Eureka Kikuyu turf with the difference in the end result plainly seen by all. “The finish in the end was amazing,” said Mr Morris on Lilydale Instant Lawn’s completion of the job with the genuine Eureka Kikuyu turf. “This is a high-profile project . . . and it now looks a million bucks to what it was,” he said. “It looks lush and green, just perfect for the opening and we’re very happy now with what was a fairly-poor-result before. In the scheme of things; you get what you pay for,” he went on to say.

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