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Manu’s new turf rules

“Wicked! It looks absolutely wicked,” were the comments made more than once, by the proud new owner of a Sir Grange lawn in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs earlier this week. Now, to put some more meaning behind the scene; imagine the praise heaped on the renovation was delivered with a strong French accent from none other than ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Celebrity Chef, Manu Fieldel, and you’ll understand the passion behind the word – “Www-ick-eddd”.

Having gotten to a stage where Manu’s backyard lawn was just hanging on, he had reached out to Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) and their turfgrowers to see if they could help out in a rip-out and replace lawn-renovation job. The turf-team tackled the project in just one day, with a ‘My House Rules’ styled operation that delivered a brand-new lawn area to better-befit the TV personality’s backyard and entertainment area. Helping out on the day and getting promotional shots for this newly-released turf type, Lawn Solutions Australia’s  Paul Coratella was in the thick of the action and described the transformation in similar terms to Manu. The existing lawn area being in poor condition was a bit of an understatement, with a lot of shade, high-wear, soil compaction and the wrong turf for the conditions left it brown, patchy and overall not a very inviting space.

Lawn Solutions members, Green Life Turf, headed up by Josh Muscat did an amazing job with the preparation and then equally with the installation of the new Sir Grange . . . and the turf was in peak condition. Sir Grange is a new turfgrass variety that has only just been recently released in Australia by the LSA group, with only a few sites to date sporting the new-look lawn surface. As Sir Grange stocks are getting ready over the next 12 months, it’s important to get a head start in letting everyone know how amazing this new grass variety is. A one-of-a-kind in Australia, Sir Grange was developed in the USA and has undergone years of successful trials to the point of now being the highest-selling zoysia grass-type in the US. Seeing its potential in the Australian Market, LSA has similarly been trialling the grass around Australia with outstanding results when compared to similar types. Having been out most of the day, Manu arrived back to his home in the early afternoon, just as the last few slabs of new turf were being laid. He was amazed at the transformation and sat on his decking steps and watched the team perform their finishing touches – occasionally having a joke with the boys. When asked if he would mind having a few photos taken he quickly gave his hair a swipe and said, ‘where do you want me?’ Both Manu  and his wife were both very kind and hospitable, offering drinks at the end of the job and said that they would gladly send more customers LSA’s way.

Although I can’t quite say it with the same roll of the tongue, I agree with Manu . . . it was a pretty wicked transformation, and he was so happy to have an outdoor entertainment area back to a state he was very proud of.

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